Eliminate Plumbing Problems and Improve Water Quality with Copper Repiping in Upland

Explore the Advantages of Upland Copper Repiping

If your residential property is more than 25 years old, there’s a good chance you have galvanized pipes in your plumbing system. Galvanized pipes are iron pipes coated with zinc. Although the zinc coating extends the lifespan of galvanized pipes, customers see issues with these pipes as they age. Copper repiping became the preferred solution to galvanized pipe issues, bringing several benefits to homeowners.

What Is Copper Repiping?

While galvanized pipes do last longer, several issues arise as they wear down. These problems include:

● Erosion and rust- As galvanized pipes age, the zinc begins to erode, and the pipes start to rust.
● Water leaks- Once the pipes begin to erode and rust, they are prone to springing leaks.
● Low water quality- In addition to bringing dirty water into your home, leaks in your galvanized pipes lower your water pressure.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to repair galvanized pipes is to do a whole house repipe using copper materials. This fast and affordable option also offers several advantages to customers.

Benefits and Advantages of Upland Copper Repiping

The benefits of repiping include:

● A lower occurrence of plumbing-related problems
● Cost-effective method to common issues with galvanized pipes
● Clean, corrosion-free water supply
● Improved residential water pressure
● Enhanced water quality

Copper also offers the following advantages:

● Lightweight and affordable- Modern copper pipes are much lighter than traditional galvanized pipes. This means that they are easier to install and secure and less taxing on your property’s structure, saving labor costs with a copper repipe plumber.

● Flexible- Old iron piping doesn’t have much give. The flexibility of copper piping makes it easier to run pipes through challenging areas. This allows customers to install piping where they might not have been able to in the past.

● Rust-free- One of the most significant issues we see with galvanized pipes is their rusting effects on your water supply. Since copper pipes don’t rust, you won’t have to worry about having a dirty, discolored, contaminated water supply in your home.

● Long-lasting- Copper pipes are incredibly durable, creating a long-lasting plumbing system for customers. When installed by a professional copper repiping company, it will likely be the last time you need to install new pipes in your home.

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