Residential Water Leak Detection Service in Upland

Water leaks from faucets or household appliances are easy to detect, but how can you detect a leak from interior pipes? Unfortunately, leaks that come from buried or hidden pipes create a significant problem for homeowners. The good news is that leak detection companies have the equipment necessary to quickly and accurately detect a leak before disrupting your property.

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Plumbing Leak Detecting Technology Finds the Source of Your Leak Fast!

Technological advances in the plumbing industry have made leak detection faster, more efficient, and less invasive. Using various professional tools, our leak detection company can quickly identify the source of your water issues without breaking down your walls or digging up your floors.

From drain leaks to sewer line leaks, the most common leak detection tools include:

Acoustic Listening Equipment

This unique technology works by amplifying the sound of under-floor leakage or water leaks inside your walls. They allow us to get a reasonable estimate about a leak’s location before we start digging or drilling.

Video Inspection Equipment

Like with our hydro-jetting services, small cameras allow us to get inside your residential pipes to check things out. Using the attached cable to measure how far down the leak is, our plumbers can accurately diagnose pipe problems and calculate precisely where the leak is located.

Soil Probes

Soil probes are an excellent resource for plumbers. They give us a way to listen for pressurized water in the dirt surrounding water mains and sewer lines. This helps us repair your leaky pipes without digging up your entire yard.

Upland Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leak detection is complicated. It requires a qualified plumbing expert equipped with modern tools and specialized leak equipment. Slab leaks are tricky because they occur when the water and sewer lines beneath your home break or crack. The leak occurs in the pipes beneath the foundation of your home. Similar to gas leaks, slab leaks are not visible to the naked eye. Additionally, just like gas leak detection, it’s essential to act fast if you suspect a problem.

Signs that suggest the possibility of a slab leak in your home include:

● High water bills
● The sound of running water when all water is turned off
● Cracks in your walls or floors
● The presence or smell of mildew under carpets or flooring

If you suspect a slab leak, call a professional plumber for leak detection and repair services as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable team will find the quickest, least invasive way to detect your water leak and repair and restore your property.

Timely Leak Detection Services from Upland Professionals

If you suspect you have a leak in your home, we’re here to help. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative methods, our friendly plumbers provide prompt and affordable services to resolve your issues and keep your property safe. Contact us today for all your Upland plumbing needs!