PEX Plumbing Installation in Upland

When it comes to water supply line materials, customers have a variety of modern options to meet their needs. Your professional plumber can help you make the right choice for your residential project. As more and more customers move away from galvanized pipes, PEX piping replacement is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re looking for PEX pipe repair in Upland, call Larry V Plumbing to find the flexible solution to your common residential plumbing problems. Let’s take a look at the advantages of PEX pipe and explore why it might be the perfect solution for your plumbing problems.

What Is PEX Piping?

PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene tubing used for water supply piping systems. Compared to older, heavier metals and plastics, PEX plumbing offers a range of advantages for your home plumbing system.

Upland PEX Repipe

As homeowners begin to see problems with their water supply from the rust and erosion of galvanized steel pipes, PEX tubing offers a promising solution. This high-density tubing is available in a variety of sizes, from ¼ to 4 inches in diameter. It delivers the versatility residential homeowners want and brings several advantages over other common plumbing materials, including:

● Cost-savings- PEX is far less expensive as a raw material. The material is also flexible, making it easier to install. A professional PEX piping plumber can easily wind PEX through your walls, bending it around structural framing and other obstacles. PEX can be used as an uninterrupted pipe that doesn’t require elbows and transition fittings to reach one connection to another, saving you money on additional materials and labor costs for installation.

● Lower carbon footprint- PEX piping helps homeowners conserve energy. Since PEX is not as thermally conductive, hot water stays in the pipe longer, eliminating the heat loss we see in traditional metal pipes.

● Durability- PEX isn’t just flexible, but it’s also incredibly resilient. The durable material is resistant to the breakage we see in copper or PVC pipes when they freeze. It’s also resistant to acids and mineral scale buildup, meaning it won’t rust over time, and your water will always be flowing at its optimal capacity.

Upland PEX Plumbing Application

While PEX plumbing installation is still considered a modern approach to residential plumbing, the material has been around since the 1960s. Therefore, it is accepted by all major plumbing and building codes in the United States. As a licensed and certified PEX plumbing plumber, we have experience with a variety of PEX piping replacement projects. The most common use of PEX piping is to upgrade galvanized steel pipes with an affordable, long-lasting solution.

Other common uses of PEX pipe include:

● Water supply lines
● Portable distribution systems
● Floor heating applications
● Heat transfer applications
● Water distribution for hot water applications
● Residential fire and sprinkler systems

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